Five Angelic Trails

Five Angelic Trails

Category: Nordic walking paths Distance: 13.3 km



All these trails start and end at the hotel called “Leśne Ustronie”. The signs of the trails are human shaped and their right hand always shows the direction of the walk.

Red trail is the shortest one, it is 3.5 km long and it takes about 40 min. to complete the trail. This trail is also called “Witnicki Angel”. Intended for  the beginners or for the busy ones.

Blue trail is 5 km long and is very convenient for the families as there are picnic tables somewhere in the middle of the path. It takes about 1 hour to complete the trail.

Purple trail is the most beautiful one. It takes you to the gorge and then to the beech avenue. It is 6 km long and takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to complete.

Green trail goes to the lovely little bridge on the Witna River. It is 7.5 km long and it takes about 1.5 hour to complete.

White trail is intended for the experienced walker as it is 13.5 km long and goes through a bit hilly area. It goes nearby a lake called “Jezioro Wielkie”. It takes about 3 hours to complete the trail so take some water and sandwiches with you!