XIII "Dziesiątka Lasów Bogdanieckich"

sobota, 19 sierpnia 2017, 10:00-14:00

XIII "Dziesiątka Lasów Bogdanieckich"


The 13th edition of the outdoor event called "The Bogdaniec Forests Ten" will be held on Saturday, 19th of August 2017. It is a 10 kilometer run through the forests trails.
The purpose of the event is to promote active repose on the State Forests areas, present the nature and lanscape values of the region and to promote sustainable forestry management on the Nature 2000 area "The Witnica-Debno Refuge"

The organizers of the event are:

  • Physical Culture Association "ZBYSZKO" Bogdaniec
  • Bogdaniec Municipality
  • Bogdaniec Forestry District