The Nature Reserve "Gorzowskie Murawy"

The Nature Reserve "Gorzowskie Murawy"

Gorzów Wielkopolski , Saperów 64


"Gorzowskie Murawy" Nature Reserve.

Steppe nature reserve with an area of ​​78.3106 ha. It was created in 2006 and it has been under active protection, the purpose of which is to maintain the environment as it was when the reserve was created. The Regional Nature Conservator supervises it. This beautiful corner is located in the western part of the city of Gorzów, in the Wieprzyce district. It is the most valuable monument of this type in western western Poland. The condition of the vegetation on the steep slopes of the reserve makes the area extremely attractive in terms of nature. This area is characterized by a wealth of plant species such as: Potentillo turf - Stipetum capillatae, hairline, turf: grassworm, brushwood, fescue fescue, Timothy Boehmer, meadow sage, sand cinquefoil, Pannonian yarrow. Rare and endangered species of xerothermic plants occur in the reserve, among them: lily spider, Stipa, hairy nematode, Siberian bell, carnation, broadleaf ore, common fern, primrose, sandworm, common buckthorn, common ivy. There are also species of protected animals, including: field twitter and ribbed snail.